How did I get here?

If you told me a year ago that I’d be embarking upon a career as a freelance writer, I would have thought you crazy. Sure, I’d always considered it – using my unique ability with words as a livelihood but never thought it would come to fruition. Yet, here I am. For me, my skills encompass more than just writing. I’m good with words in any circumstance. I’m a wordsmith!

What exactly is a wordsmith?

Google defines it as a skilled user of words.

Why not just say I’m a writer, author, or speaker?

Because my calling in life isn’t just centered around those vocations.

I am called to speak life into others. I’ve never understood why people, sometimes complete strangers, pour out their hearts to me. I’ve stood in a Wal-Mart parking lot consoling a sobbing stranger. I’ve listened to the broken hearts of youth at 3am. I’ve had friends look at me, with tears in their eyes asking “What do I do?” It’s in those moments where words can have a profound effect upon the soul.

I use words to build up, not break down. This is my calling. This is my future.


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