Walking Statues

I’ve wanted to jump on the confederate monument debate bandwagon. I see all sorts of random junk posted through Twitter and Facebook. I have many different friends with contradicting views, so I see it all. One friend advocated for punching white supremacists in the face. Another wants to label the other as a terrorist organization. Yay, one advocates violence the other, suppression. What a happy and cheerful bunch we are!

It’s exhausting and I found myself getting upset about all of it. Then I began to feel angry. I guess I should guard my heart better.

The thing is, I understand both sides of the argument.

“If you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.”

You honestly believe removing a statue is going to erase history?

“We shouldn’t have monuments to cruel people that dehumanized others.”

You honestly believe removing a statue is going to erase history?

In truth, I don’t feel strongly either way. Remove them, preserve them, explode them, stuff them in a dark corner of a museum – it makes little difference to me. They’re statues, they’re things, and in the broadest scheme of eternity – they mean nothing. They’re made of stone or metal and will one day return to the rubble from whence they came, with or without human intervention. Arguing about these ridiculous and often ugly conglomerations is just avoiding the real conversation we, as a society, need to have. Sadly, most don’t want to talk – they’d rather fight.

The answer to both of these arguments is not removal or preservation, it’s loving your neighbor as yourself. A radical approach, is it not? You cannot change a heart with violence or hatred, the only language a heart can truly understand is love. If you fill your heart with anything other than love, you confuse it. Your heart wants love, it yearns for it, without indwelling love – there won’t be much difference between your heart and that concrete statue.

Without love, we’re all walking statues.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7



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