To Autograph or not?

I have several friends planning to buy Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Unexplainable. It seems surreal that I was chosen out of thousands of submissions and published in a traditional medium. Even more surreal is that people have asked if I could autograph the book once they get it.

Me? Autograph something?

The thought makes me want to erupt in laughter.

Why would somebody want my autograph? I spent 45 minutes writing about something that happened to me as a kid and now I’m somehow the most famous person they know. I’m guessing they don’t know many famous people. I think my friends are more excited about my appearance in the book than I am.

If the roles were reversed, I’d be the one wanting my friend’s autograph.

Truth is, I feel silly autographing this book or autographing anything at all. There are 100 other stories in the book whose authors deserve the same honor. I’m nobody special.

Then again, my friend Tanisha Ronay would disagree. She would tell me “YOU ARE A SPECIAL OCCASION.” This woman is a great inspiration and you’d do well to follow her.

I need to stop minimizing my accomplishments or feeling guilty for accomplishing anything. I need to allow myself to get excited. I’ve grown so much over the past six months but why is this hurdle so hard to jump? I guess 38 years of believing I don’t matter is a difficult chasm to transcend.

For now, I’m going to take the first step. I’m going to sit down and autograph my free copies of the book. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway.


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