Prophetic Dreams

Somedays I think I may be crazy. Heck, plenty of people probably think I’m nuts but I’m happy with who I am. Over my 38 years of life, I’m slowly learning not to care what people think.

Yes, I have had prophetic dreams. One dream in particular changed the entire course of my life. Another dream disciplined me in a way only God was able. My most recent prophetic dream was meant to comfort and lead me. It has become a source of hope and peace. I’ve even started the process to commission an artist to create the scene. I’m really excited about that.

The thing about prophetic dreams, is that they seem so real. The smells, the temperature, and everything about the dream is palpable.

All my life I can recall having recurring nightmares about tornadoes. Since joining Celebrate Recovery and entering into therapy, those nightmares began to increase in frequency and severity. Several times a week, I’d find myself snapping awake with my heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

Then one night, something changed.

In this particular dream, I was with my children and husband at a school. It was one of those concrete brick and mortar built schools. The kind that can withstand a direct hit from a tornado. Like in every other dream, the weather started turning bad. I wasn’t worried, I was in a strong building.

A scrawny man, dirty and disheveled, approached and told my youngest children and me to come with him. For whatever reason, I didn’t protest and just went. We climbed into his 1950’s era Chevrolet truck and he drove us into the middle of a field.

This field was mostly dirt, dead grass, it smelled awful, and dead branches littered the landscape as far as I could see. I wanted to go back to the school but the old man refused and said I would be safer in his shelter. He said I had to keep it secret, it was only for me and my children. Again, I followed his instructions without protest. I climbed down into the shelter as I saw the leading edge of a tornado approaching. Once in the shelter, the man closed the door but he remained outside! I wanted to drag him into the shelter, but when I went to open the door – the tornado was right there.  I watched as it passed overhead. I wasn’t afraid.

When it was obvious that the worst was over, I opened the door. What I saw when I emerged was amazing. The field was no longer dirty and dead, it was lush and green. A quiet stream cut its way through the field toward the vast tree line. The dead branches were transformed into beautiful trees. It was the opposite of what it was before. It was absolutely beautiful! The air temperature was perfect, and the smell was fresh. It was my own personal paradise.

The man who took me to this secret place was nowhere to be found. His truck and any evidence of him was gone.

Above the tree line was a massive pillar of cloud, it was shaped somewhat like a tornado only be assured – it was not a tornado. It couldn’t have been a tornado, it brought life to what was once dead. It was beautiful! All I could do was stare at it in awe. Its magnificence moved me and I wanted to run as fast as I could toward it. Only it was just out of my reach.

There are not adequate words to sum up my feelings while gazing upon this towering cloud. I felt peace, love, warmth, comfort, safety, hope, desire, joy, and sheer awe.

When I woke, I had tears in my eyes and my pillow was damp. Apparently, I had been quietly crying in my sleep. I looked around and in my heart, I heard a Bible verse…

Be Still and Know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10


I haven’t had a nightmare since…


3 thoughts on “Prophetic Dreams”

  1. Sounds like the school could have been a comfort zone but you trusted in the word of a man (angel) and followed him to another place where it would be safer. It seems that the tornados represented your past and when you re-emerged from the ground it was as if you were an emerging plant full of new life. The cloud, God’s presence, is what surrounds you now. I would even venture to say that you were delivered from the demonic forces that tormented you and were set free to freely worship the Lord


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