October 31, another day of the year

Today is October 31, some would call it Halloween and others may call it Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve. I call it October 31. I decided this year I wouldn’t give this day any attention other than taking my kids around to get candy. It’s just another day where you can get to know your neighbors a little better. Then again, why can’t every day be like that?

October 31 used to mean much more to me. It was, in terms of witchcraft, the magickal new year. I used to decorate like you wouldn’t believe – now I don’t even have a pumpkin on my porch. When my kids grow out of trick or treating, I’ll be the crazy lady on the street giving out full size candy bars and Bibles. You can’t take one or the other, you have to take both.


Coming to Christ after spending years as a pagan wasn’t easy. When I even started questioning paganism, those people I called “friends” deserted me. When I started going to church, those former “friends” began despising me. Their level of hostility was shocking. For people that scream so much about “Freedom of Religion”, it’s hard to understand the hypocrisy. Then again, in their eyes, I’m a traitor and they want nothing to do with me. It was actually a rather lonely time for me, leaving behind everything I thought I knew.

Thing is, a decent number of people in the pagan world have been hurt by the church in some way. I was hurt by the church. I was young and impressionable so when I got in trouble for wearing jeans to church, I was discouraged because I didn’t have nice clothes. When I got the courage to shake hands with the pastor, he shooed me away like I was some stray cat. To make matters worse, I carried a host of secrets eating away at my soul. Then my mother started buying me books on witchcraft and it was all downhill from there.

With all I had endured up until that point in my childhood, chaos ruled me. I was powerless to the secrets I carried and tried so hard to forget. Witchcraft gave me an illusion of power and control. From then on, I became consumed by darkness.

Today, I’m grateful that Jesus brought me out of darkness. I can live in a freedom I never thought possible. Those secrets I carried, they’re no longer eating away at my soul. I’m alive! Praise the Lord!

So, to me, October 31 is just another day.


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